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Chamois Butt’r® | Raleigh Bicycle Demo

Image from Raleigh Demo Days 2013 in KC

Raleigh Demo Days 2013 in Kansas City at Swope Park

I’ve been to many events where bike demos are happening, but have never actually been able to participate and ride the bikes because usually I’m working the events for Chamois Butt’r.

But my luck changed last weekend when Raleigh Bicycle Demo Days came to Swope Park in Kansas City. Swope has about 15 miles of mountain bike trails and is a popular destination for weekend road riders as well. It’s a great way to get from inside Kansas City to the endless open roads and cornfields south. Point being, it’s an excellent venue to ride different styles of bicycles.

We have many friends in the bike industry and don’t like to play favorites. High quality bikes – like people – come in all different shapes and sizes under a variety of names and titles. But I’ll give a shoutout to our friend Tony Stanislav and new friend Drew Esherick from Raleigh. These guys were great with riders of all abilities and were genuinely excited about the products they were there to promote.

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative. Lots of rain Thursday night into Friday morning cast doubt on whether Swope’s trails would be open. When I arrived midmorning on Saturday, there were only a few people around. The upside, though, was that ALL of the bikes were available. I started with a full carbon CX bike with Shimano 105 and disc breaks. Dean Parker, a friend and lead mechanic/fit whiz at the local Trek Store of Shawnee (see, we really don’t play favorites), was there and up for some CX practice too, so we suited up and hit the road. The trail and the surrounding fields were still damp at the time, so we stuck mostly to the road, finding a relatively dry soccer field that gave us the opportunity to get a feel for how the CX bikes felt in their (somewhat) natural habitat. The bikes rode well. I’m still pretty indifferent to disc breaks in general, but under more CX-ish conditions I’m sure they would have stood out more. Dean and I rode for about an hour and then decided to take the bikes back just in case there were any non-industry bike geeks (actual potential customers) there who wanted a turn.

Photo of the Raleigh Talus 29 Carbon Pro

Raleigh Talus 29 Carbon Pro

By this time the trails were dry enough to ride, so I spent the rest of the day on fat tires. I started on a full carbon hard tail with front suspension. The bike rode well and handled the terrain at Swope perfectly. My own mountain bike is a single speed, so it took a minute to get used to having to make gear choices, particularly in the more technical rocky sections.

I came off my last lap on the trail just in time to see the Butt’r King himself, Steve Mathews, heading out on one of the carbon road bikes. One of the highlights of the day, though, was getting the chance to meet riders we didn’t know from other parts of Kansas City, including the guys from Dirty Dog Race Pack – a group of gravel riders from Lee’s Summit. We capped off the day with bagels, cold beer and some good laughs. It was a good day on two wheels!

Ben Woodbury
Marketing Manager
Chamois Butt’r / Paceline Products