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Chamois Butt’r® | Bike shorts with a chamois are a must for any rider

Photo of Chamois Butt'r Riders on Dirty Kanza

Chamois Butt’r® Team Riders experiencing the Dirty Kanza

We all know that awkward feeling walking through a crowded coffee shop in spandex, but we wouldn’t do it if bike shorts didn’t  play an important role for cyclists – providing needed comfort and function while on the bike.

Here are some ways that donning your cycling shorts with a chamois make that brief coffee shop awkwardness worth it.

Benefits of Bike Specific Shorts

  • Padding to increase comfort in the saddle
  • Flexible materials for full range of motion
  • Breathability
  • Reduced air resistance
  • No loose material to get caught in spinning wheels or drivetrain

Like any cycling gear, there are various factors to consider when choosing cycling shorts or bib shorts (cycling shorts with ‘shoulder straps’ to prevent sag. The rider behind you doesn’t want you to have sag).

Here are some guidelines we’ve found helpful.

  • Price – higher quality cycling shorts are typically made with better materials resulting in improved durability and function.
  • Construction – cycling shorts are manufactured with panels ranging from 4 to 12.  A higher number of panels results in a better contour and fit.
  • Padding – the chamois (padding) in the seat can vary in thickness and width, so look at a few different options before making a decision.


Pro Tip!

Never wear underwear under bike shorts.  Bike specific shorts are designed to breathe and transfer moisture away from the body unlike underwear. Any extra layer between your skin and your cycling shorts will only increase friction. To prevent chafing and saddle sores, use Chamois Butt’r® high quality chamois cream every time you ride.


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