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Bike Lane

Bicycle Lanes Contribute To Bicycle Friendly Communities

Bike friendly communities are steadily increasing around the USA. Today’s increased focus on consuming less and living more sustainably contributes to the interest in urban cycling as a transportation choice for young city dwellers.


Understandably, cities are taking notice and capitalizing on this shift. Building work/life infrastructures that enthusiastically support this trend allows cities to remain economically competitive and appeal to a vibrant young adult workforce that seeks a satisfying balance of work and active lifestyle.


Employers also reap benefits from the ability to hire a young, energetic population of professionals who are comfortable and committed to living an urban lifestyle. These talented workers are eager to take advantage of all the benefits of city living – including short commutes. The variety of convenient amenities also appeal to this demographic, from international cuisine to professional sports events to boutique-style shopping to a proliferation of cultural and educational events.


Contributions to the development of bicycle friendly communities that appeal to today’s young adults are many:

  • Increased attention to cyclists’ needs – designated bicycle lanes, bicycle sharing, larger sidewalks, designated urban trails and close regional transit
  • Young urban professional lifestyle – mixed use areas that boast boutique-style stores, cafes, restaurants, sports events and multi-cultural offerings
  • Sustainable practices – bicycle sharing, car-sharing, collaborative consumption programs


So it’s understandable that urban planners now include bicycle friendly amenities like trails and bike paths when considering urban improvements. Especially bike friendly urban communities across the USA include Boulder CO, Austin TX, Minneapolis MN and Portland OR.


Learn more about bicycle friendly communities online at:

The League of American Bicyclists

Pedestrian and Bicycling Information Center

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